Don Mupasi


Don Mupasi is a U.K.-based 3D visual artist and photographer from Zimbabwe who has amassed a large following over 400,000-strong for creating striking retro sci-fi 3D animations and NFTs under the alias Visualdon. The self-taught creator also makes tutorials and 3D assets for other designers, which he offers for sale on his website Motion Squared, and additionally teaches thousands of students programs like his tool-of-choice Cinema 4D — including his introductory animation class, a staff pick on the digital learning platform Skillshare.

I think the best kind of art is work that magnifies the beauty of everyday life. This is what I try to do with my own art.

To me, space represents endless possibilities and discoveries — but, as beautiful as it is, there is also a certain coldness to space. This is why an equal amount of my visuals are of scenes and compositions that are much warmer, grounded and closer to home. But talking about space again, though, I’m a bit of a NASA history buff — and that has sparked some ideas for several visuals I’ve done.

“From very early on, I instinctively felt I couldn’t rely on any one thing — [so] I developed a handful of creative and financial outlets. That has turned out to be very useful and has afforded a lot of freedom in my creative work and life.”

I want to work on larger productions. I’ve had help from friends and other collaborators on all my best projects, so the idea is to expand on that — and set up a small team and studio. As far as teaching goes, I just want to continue coming up with creative and fun ideas that are also good for teaching the software to newcomers and my existing students.


David Guetta